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Ruby Moon


Ruby Moon is the pseudonym of the author who debuted in 2017 with an autobiographical book, which two years later was awarded a literary prize and became a bestseller. After the publication of her second nonfiction book, Ruby decided to expand her writing horizons and try herself in the genre of fantasy - erotica and romance. Born on another planet and currently residing in the United States, Ruby writes in her native language and in English. Miss Moon, an extremely proud parent and madly in love with her life partner, presents to your attention a series of fairy tales for adult boys, girls, and creatures of any other kind.

If you've read The Silver Island and liked the story, please review this book. In this case, Ruby will know that you are burning with curiosity and are looking forward to her next fairy tale.

You can write reviews and ideas to her email:

Thank you for your time!

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Read at your own risk...


The Silver Island  by Ruby Moon is the first in a series of fantasy tales for adults with not necessarily happily ever after: about passionate love on an island that does not exist.

Love... Anyone who has ever loved knows that love kills. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes in pleasure, but more often in the agony of unbearable pain. The victim of love loses the ability to think rationally. Trying to predict your own death is pointless.

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