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Why Losing is Winning?

"I was extremely interested in this as the premise is aw-inspiring and captivating. Unfortunately, I will have to pass on your manuscript..." "This does not suit our needs at this time…" "This doesn't feel like a match for me, but thank you..." I received another painful rejection after rejection, after rejection.

But what does not kill us… (you know the rest). I was still going forward despite any hard feelings I experienced, and it was paying off. With each day on my path, I get closer to my dream than the day before. Every victory – big or small – makes me incredibly happy and less weak. By now, I’m nearly indestructible.

All the tears I was shedding in the beginning of my journey, all the rejections I was experiencing with time – they gradually and surely taught me the most valuable lessons. As I was feeling stronger, my skin tempered thick enough to not let someone’s subjective opinion penetrate deep into my heart and leave scars.

Yet, then, fate was benevolent to me. Just a few weeks and breakdowns later, after the first twelve rejections, I also received positive responses from that list of twenty. Three agents were interested in working with me and my book. This number felt like more than I ever wanted. I was extremely happy. It instilled me with certain nourishment and energy to proceed further.

Three different conference calls were scheduled for all three agents. During our phone conversations, we discussed the intentions of each of the agents, talked about their goals and visions. They all sounded excited and enthusiastic over the phone.

During the conference calls, like music to my ears, I heard a squall of pleasant dithyrambs about my unique story and well-written book from all three agents. Each of them wanted me. Each of them was convincing me to sign a contract. I was in heaven. I soared in the clouds and did not have a wish to go back down to earth again.

Unfortunately, I could not stay on the throne for long. I had to go back to reality, make a decision and choose only one agent. I was overjoyed, I could not prefer one over another.

After some intense thinking, relying on my intuition, I decided to proceed with one of them. It was the end of February 2017 and that’s important to remember. I said my final ‘yes’ and signed a contract with a literary agent from New York. She seemed very professional and excited to work on the project, promising all the gold in the world and satisfying my ego.

I was beyond happy and absolutely positive that it was the end of my troubles. I was certain that my new agent was a fairy who would make all my dreams come true. Everything had to be fine and great now. Euphoric thoughts and daydreams fully possessed me: my almighty agent would now take the reins in her hands, and my book would travel a successful, smooth, knurled path, like a happy child sliding down a snowy hill in a winter park resort.

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