What Happens When You Finally Reach Your Goals?

Do you remember why I became extremely fearful before the publication day?

That’s right! I was devastated because I wasn’t sure how people would take my revelation. I had to bare my soul in front of complete strangers. There was another terrifying moment: the criminals were never caught. What could that bring?

I stepped forward anyways…

That remarkable morning in September of 2017 will always be stored on a special shelf in my memory library. I considered it extraordinary, not only because my books were published at that time (which was an amazing achievement for me within itself), but because the process of metamorphosis – which I had been going through for a very long time – culminated on that particular morning.

I finally discerned myself as a different person, strong enough physically and emotionally, tough enough not only because I was able to write about my experience, but the most significant to me: I felt the confidence to share and discuss it with the world.

Once my books appeared as items available for sale on Amazon, overwhelmed with both excitement and apprehension at the same time, I shared a post about my new book release on my personal Facebook page.

The first thing that comes to mind these days when we want to announce something important or notify a large number of people at once is – of course – social media. If you are lucky enough to have five thousand active friends on Facebook, the same amount on Instagram or on any other social platform, it’s pretty easy.

Four years ago, during the time of the books’ publication, I had about 200 friends in my social networks all together, which did not look like an impressive number to brag about.

Agitated to the very core, I was awaiting to see my friends’ comments. I did not know what reaction to expect.

Almost immediately, I received a huge flurry of heartfelt messages and words of support that carried me away by their affection. I could not help but cry. It was amazing finding out about how many thoughtful and kind people I was surrounded by. I could’ve never imagined that so many of them could be genuinely touched by someone else’s painful memories.

I was moved and lifted from my previously negative mindset into a place that I never expected. I was receiving feedback that turned my worrying anticipation into an absolutely miraculous feeling, which comforted and soothed my inner fears.

Delighted, I soared in heaven. I was so blinded by my excitement, that I neglected to contemplate the process which would come only afterward.

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