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What Do Rejections Mean to You?

Wise people say that rejections are inalienable parts of success. Back in 2017, I willingly and voluntarily chose to believe in such a theory in order to not lose my good spirit. As you can remember from my previous blog post, I sent that first pitch letter to twenty literary agencies across the country hoping to find an agent for my manuscript Girl, Taken. Four weeks later I started receiving responses that were all rejections.

What do rejections really mean to people? Especially to a person of art – a writer or creator – one who instills their gift, intellect, talent and soul into each masterpiece and truly extraordinary invention, imbued with the maker’s energy and character.

For some, rejections become so fundamental and crucial that they lead to complete discouragement. Repetitive rejections hit like a hammer, sending a nail into a wooden coffin of disappointments, going further down every time, where inside, all bright hopes and big dreams would rest forever. Some sensitive individuals would simply not be able to survive. They would stop believing in themselves, ruining their dreams and burying them alive.

For others, it causes the opposite effect. Each rejection brings a new impetus for an explosion of a noteworthy and unique idea. Rejections will harden them like steel.

Every rejection stabbed me right in my soul. The never-before-experienced state of being refused was quite demoralizing, as I started receiving short but very painful responses, informing me that the agent was not interested in representing my book. Each email was brief, containing just a few words, yet all felt equally and powerfully brutal on me.

I received the first few rejections, but I didn’t want to have even a slight chance of doubting or giving up in the very beginning of my journey. I had to create a concept to be able to cope with rejections. I tried to explain them to myself in a few ways, which, however, might be absolutely justified in reality.

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