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What Do Obstacles Mean For You – Motivation or Discouragement?

Per aspera ad astra. I’ve always liked this Latin phrase, meaning “through hardship to the stars”. Ever since I decided to start a new career as a writer, the famous Latin saying has taken on a new meaning.

I think that writing is a marvelous thing. But sadly, the action of writing is not always a path strewn with rose petals. The process of writing can be a complete and utter fiasco, when the moment strikes that every writer is afraid of – a writer’s block.

When mine suddenly dawns, it submerges me into a darkness of ultimate creative incapability, after which I’m sitting at the computer – or in some cases, with a notebook and pen at a table – staring at the snow-white surface for hours, unable to form a single prolific sentence.

After a few days of creative obstacles, I start worrying so much, that the light disappointment turns into obsessive thoughts. I clearly understand that such a state of mind is not conducive to the restoration of flow, but I can’t help it. In days, panic possesses me completely. I pull my hair, assuming it’s the end of my writing era.

That state can go for days, weeks even, until one magical moment, all nine Muses kindly decide to favor my ability back and inspire me to pick up a pen. All of a sudden, something magnificently changes, and I feel that rush to express and to write. What a moment!

To me, the most sensational moment in writing which nothing else can compare: the pleasant deepness of the sense of falling in love with what I wrote. Even if it’s a single sentence or a short paragraph, there is no equivalent to the feeling of complete satisfaction, accompanied by the adrenaline rush at the moment you realize you love the result. The profound feeling of being pleased with what you have just created is worth a thousand writer’s blocks.

Writer’s block is not the only obstacle that authors meet on their way to the stars…It’s a very challenging process that requires a lot of discipline, determination, time and intellectual investment.

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