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The End of Dreams?

Once all of the buzz caused by my new book, Girl, Taken, calmed down and another handful of my friends on social media and in real life bought their copy, my book stopped showing any signs of sales whatsoever, neither on Amazon nor in any other online stores. Girl, Taken started to gradually disappear from the world, chewed up by a thousand other books with big-name representatives behind them.

Beautiful castles built from daydreams and empty fantasies were inexorably collapsing right before my eyes. I had to admit that miracles certainly took place in my life, but it definitely wasn’t the case this time. My book seemed like one tiny sailboat, lost in the raging waves of the great ocean of book-publishing.

To witness my book dying again made me nothing but devastated. I couldn’t let it turn to ashes. It desperately needed help, perhaps a great kick in the form of advertisement or a heavy promotion in any other shape. Or simply a genie in a bottle.

In those days, my financial situation looked so pathetic, that I couldn’t afford spending any money for a costly book advertisement. I planned to spend on advertising what I would make from selling as a result of organic sale. This idea had exhausted itself as soon as I realized that there were no sales. The circle was closed.

Even if the book wasn’t selling, my story was still making hot commotion in my social media and served as a topic for passionate discussions. The audience on my Facebook page still deliberated the events that I went through and the nature of my story.

Interestingly enough, the space in my virtual reality on social media was also filled with mistakenly made statements regarding the great success of my book. People believed that my book was already a bestseller due to the uniqueness and originality of the story itself. As if it was magically selling by itself. Unfortunately for me, it did not coincide with the real-life situation…

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