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Is There a Reason Behind Every Person We Meet?

He told me I should write a book!

I would like to thank Richard (remember him from the story I mentioned in my previous blog post?) for planting a seed in the soil of my brain. Writing a book was a great idea in every way, solely because it would make one of my old dreams come true.

I have been nurturing the idea of telling my mom about being in captivity, for years. If I could write about it – she could read it. Even if this story wouldn’t be seen or heard by anyone else, and the only audience would be limited to a single person – my mom – the idea seemed perfect for that exact purpose. My mama has the right to know what I truly went through in captivity.

My beautiful mama and me, nowadays...

Since my return, I’d never talked about it with anyone. Well, only with the federals during interrogation right after I came back. But not with my mom, believe it or not. In the beginning, the wounds were still so deep that we didn’t want to rake through the painful memories and live through them again.

After a few months, we silently agreed to just bury it deep inside and lock it away forever, so we could move forward with our lives. We knew that our torn souls and broken hearts had deep and terrible scars. Some of them were never fully healed.

Twenty-two years later, I was ready to make a revelation. I thought writing might help me clean my aura, clear my soul, and let the memories become the past as they should be. I had no idea if I even remembered all the events and details of my captivity, so I predicted a ten-page story.

I was excited and scared at the same time – I had no idea what the book could bring. Before that time, I never let myself venture through my memories. Sometimes, if my mind tried to play a malicious joke with me, trying to open the tightly closed door and set some memories from the past free, I fought back with all my strength to shut that door and keep it tightly guarded under seven seals. Knowing that the criminals involved have never been caught added a thrilling note…

Once I started to dig out my memory bank, I could not stop. A volcano, one which held my suppressed emotions, boiling inside me for so long, burst with lava of details that were so clear, I had to reencounter those painful episodes all over again. The writing process was emotionally exhausting, but it possessed me fully and undividedly. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more.

I was drafting the book in my native language. I had plans to translate it into English and make both versions available for readers. I realized that I needed a local writer who would be able to help me on the English version.

My hunt for a writer began…

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Thank you for your time!

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