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Is Perseverance A Secret of All Triumphs?

In the previous blog posts, I told you about my disappointments and shattered dreams. Sadly to say, my book almost became buried in the "book cemetery", along with bundles of other unknown, unrecognized, and unappreciated books. At that time, Girl, Taken hit the lowest bottom and didn’t show any sales whatsoever, for many, many weeks.

But I did not want to quit. I created a system and started following it. Instead of promoting the book itself, I decided to try making my story viral first. That could eventually arise the interest in the book.

As days began stretching into weeks and weeks transformed into months, my system started showing results that demonstrated its effectiveness. I have to mention – even emphasize – one critical fact that determined the success: since the beginning of my journey, I had never missed a single Monday without working on my book promotion.

Staying consistent, I discovered a new quality of my own character. I found out that I could be very persistent if I really desired to achieve my goal.

Do you remember those three digital whales that I introduced to you in the previous blogs – the symbol of indestructible unity – as the engine for my system?

I believe now is the right time for the fourth mighty whale to be added to the trio. Let me name it Perseverance.

As it turned out, Perseverance was the most important component in the whole structure. It served as the glue keeping my figurative whales together. I came to the conclusion that these three not-so-metaphorical and powerful tools would lose all meaning and become totally useless without Perseverance.

All composed together, my amazing quartet was working in unison. It was the vehicle, the funicular that was pulling me up to the top of the vertically inclined slope.

Perseverance is an important personal quality that helps achieve goals, and it is an extremely strong trait that makes up the foundation of being able to overcome obstacles. Perseverance indicates a lengthy but steady effort, a movement towards the goal, and defines a habit of always realizing once-made decisions.

To be continued.

Come back next week.

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