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Is Following Your Dreams Always the Answer?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Being a writer had been my pipe dream, probably ever since the very first time I had a crush and felt the urge to share my feelings on paper. As I was getting older, I secretly fantasized of becoming a writer, so that I would be able to live my life, to experience things and then to describe events so interestingly that the whole world would like to read about it.

But I never had the courage for it, no time, no opportunity, until six years ago. Or have I just thought so? I wish I could fly back in time and convince my young self to think otherwise.

It is never the wrong time to dream and to realize those dreams. If you have something to share with others – a story, a book, a business idea – do it. Don’t be afraid. You will thank yourself later.

Some may say that achieving your dream of successfully promoting a book is easier when there is a unique story behind it, like in my case. Yes, I happened to have an unusual story, but I could’ve decided that it would never see the light of day, or I would’ve never had the audacity to write it, or I could’ve just self-published a book and sat still, waiting and doing nothing but witnessing its road to extinction. I could’ve done all those things and my life would’ve skipped an extremely wonderful and moving chapter. I’m glad I did not stop. I’m happy to see my progress. I’m thrilled to observe myself moving further.

Others may question my success and not see any value in it. I’m absolutely fine with that. It’s my unique story, my own triumph and my own perception and vision of success. My own victory over my own self. Only I know how hard that path was for me.

Get ready for your own breathtaking journey. Fill your imaginary backpack with patience and strength. The path you are choosing is fraught with falls and rises, loses and victories along the way.

Some people think that in order to get publicity – all it takes is a single email. If you happen to be so lucky and have a powerful network, that assumption can definitely apply. I had – as the most of us – started my journey from scratch and moved up in small but constant steps. As the old Russian proverb says, you cannot cut down a big tree in one swoop.

It took me a few months of sending continuous emails to the TV show in the United Kingdom after which I was invited as a participant. It took me one year and a half and all the Mondays that this period of time consisted of, in order to receive a response and invitation from one of the biggest shows on national TV in the USA. It took me extensive time of sending hundreds of continuous emails to get journalists interested in featuring me on the news, or to get me on podcasts or the radio.

Each publicity event led to mentions in the media, which then brought explosions in book sales. The downloads of the e-book went from zero to five thousand a week at one point. Girl, Taken was on top of the charts on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The very first media publication mentioning Girl, Taken occurred in the British online magazine, Female First. Fortunately, it took only a single email to reach the editor and not land in the spam folder. She saw it, she opened it and became interested in my story right away. Receiving her response, I became totally ecstatic! My first ever interview as an author saw the light of day on October 4th, 2017…

To be continued.

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