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Is Fear the Mind-killer?

Hi there! It's great to have you back ❤️ If you are new here, please check older posts to read the beginning of the story.

Back then, it took me about three weeks to wrap up the project – from the day I left the contract till the time I chose for publication. The release day was set up on September 21st, 2017.

Just a few hours before that moment, realizing the closeness of the event, I became fearful. The dual feeling was tearing me apart, as I started worrying about the things I forgot in the midst of being so excited while preparing the book for publication.

As the writer, I couldn’t wait to publish my long-awaited project, but as the main character of the book, all my fears and perturbations unexpectedly filled me up. All of a sudden, I became so scared about the possible outcomes after publishing.

I became devastated because I was not sure how people would take it and how I would seem in their perspective after such a revelation. I had to bare my soul before people that I’ve already known, as well as in front of complete strangers.

The other aspect that was truly terrifying: the criminals were never caught. What could that bring?

The scheduled publishing moment was approaching so fast – just a few hours remained. I still could not find peace within myself, constantly weighing the pros and cons on a scale of my own comfort. Every minute in my mind, I observed how the scale drastically outweighed one way or the other.

The night before the books were published, I could not sleep. I knew that my life would never be the same again after publication.

I was right…

Come back next time to see for yourself.

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