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How Often Do You Start from Scratch in Life?

To be honest with you, I was enjoying my newly acquired image of a famous and successful author (previous blog posts read here). I did not have a wish to dissuade my acquaintances. I’d rather prefer to turn their assumptions into accomplished facts. I wanted my book to be successful, as they all assumed.

Even though I was still receiving a great number of messages with words of support and encouragement, the book sales plunged to a pitiful minimum. From December 2017 to February of 2018, only 5 e-books and 3 paperbacks were sold from online distributors. This pathetic number was far away from the figure I imagined in my dream.

Every morning spent looking at the numbers going down in sales on Amazon and Smashwords, the understanding of how dejected my situation was ironically grew. I figured that my journey as a successful writer was not at all being nearly accomplished, but it was the opposite – it hadn’t even started yet. To write a great true story did not mean an immediate success. To find readers and constantly see that number increase – that’s how I imagined a triumph.

To me, my book seemed like a slowly dying, beautiful flower in a pot, one that required urgent and special care. Without it, very soon, it would perish.

I desperately needed to find a way to promote Girl, Taken.

There was no way back. I did not see it in my fantasies.

All that I pictured: an old poster with an American flag, from the wall in the restaurant where I used to work as waitress and written were the words: “The American Dream is not about having stuff, it’s about having opportunity.”

All that I had: a one-way ticket journey in front of me.

All that I was: an immigrant from a small town in southern Russia who moved to another country in her mid 20s with no money, no language, no connections, and no friends, but with a colossal desire to integrate into society, to attempt to reach her goals and start a life from scratch.

All that I needed: perseverance and persistence.

The timing could not be more perfect to start realizing that sweet American Dream.

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Perhaps you will find something in my new book - a little inspiration or a surge of strength to fight the calamities of life.

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Thank you for your time and stay awesome!

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