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How Did You Get Inspired to Write Your First Book?

How did I get inspired to write my first book?

It was during one of the spring days of 2015, when I was relaxing in a comfy recliner at the movie theater with my 13-year-old daughter watching trailers of films that just so happened to be based on true stories. At that very moment, an amazing idea struck me like lighting, and I thought to myself – pretty loud in my head: I too have a story to tell!

That ordinary evening at the movie theater turned into such a remarkable one! I had to admit - it was for the very first time, that I could voluntarily think about what had happened to me without the fear of excruciatingly painful memories since my miraculous comeback in June of 1995.

To my surprise, I felt confident to the extent that it forced me to come to a conclusion: I was absolutely positive that I wanted to share the most horrifying time in my life with the world, and most importantly - I finally had the inner strength to talk about it.

Our regular mother-daughter movie time became a spectacular breakthrough. Even though I had a clear intention in my head, I did not know how to develop it into something bigger. I had no idea where to start and what to exactly do with my story.

I’d never met survivors - others who were once abducted, trafficked, abused or had went through something horrible like myself. For 22 years, I was doing my best, trying to forget the atrocities I experienced and witnessed, without looking back in order to be able to move forward with my life.

I thought, if I had the ability to tell my story, and show my own path of cooperation with memories and pain, it could help someone else in the long run. If just one person could benefit from my example, I suppose my mission in life would be fulfilled.

I emotionally craved sharing my story...

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