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Have You Ever Wanted to Write a Book About Your Life?

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

If four-five years ago someone would’ve told me I would be a published author, I’d smile. If they said that my book would turn me into a media person, I’d laugh in their face! But here I am: a published author who’s given more than twenty interviews and has appeared on TV and radio shows

Because life is full of surprises.

Life can be cruel or forgiving. Today, it spoils us with breathtakingly happy moments, but tomorrow - it suddenly knocks us off our feet and laughs, watching how we writhe in pain, marginalized.

Despite the possible perspectives portrayed above – and without any doubt – life is wonderful. It’s unpredictable, but fascinating, yet impartial with undertones of amazement. Therefore, life is absolutely worth experiencing.

The longer I exist in the realm of this captivating and intricate world, the more I am convinced that all the events in our lives aren’t happening simply by accident.

Each and every one of them affect the further course of life – one way or another, sooner or later. Once long-ago past episodes, seemingly forgotten, suddenly barge unexpectedly into the present, like a persistent echo from the past, and flip life from head to toe. In my case, a chain of events turned my life over in the exact opposite direction and, thankfully, in my favor, from head to toe.

26 years ago, certain circumstances occurred within my life that completely twisted it upside down. It was also brutally beaten from different sides, then crushed into a million pieces. Later, it was miraculously glued back together, except for the handful of tiny pieces that were so torn and damaged, they were unable to be reattached. The best I could do was hold them back using invisible bandaids. Those unhealed pieces are still hanging out under layers of sticky bandages in my current days.

When I returned home, like waking up from the worst nightmare imaginable, I could never in the world assume that those same events would lead to quite an amazing aftermath – my life would suddenly and surprisingly be placed from my head back to my steady feet, with my outer shell and internal spirit stronger than ever.

I’m pretty sure you now have a question. I can feel it.

I will definitely describe what happened with me, later in my blog’s posts, if you are interested. Those events have managed to change my life three times in the course of 25 years. I survived, I revived, and I was able to write my memoir: Girl, TakenA True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival.

Like links of a magical chain connected to one another, all the things forced me to write another book – From Zero to Self-published Hero. It was envisioned as a short guide for writers but grown into a full-size novel in the process of writing: revelations of one self-published author, who went through all the obstacles a new writer can imagine.

In my next post I’ll tell you more about my story which happened 26 year ago.

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Thank you for your time. Hope to see you soon!

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