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First Things First

In the previous blog posts I told you about my disappointments and shattered dreams (please check older blog posts here). Since the moment when I realized how dejected my situation was, I wanted to create a system that could help me promote my self-published book on a minimum budget. To find readers and constantly see that number increase – that’s how I imagined my victory.

Instead of promoting the book itself, I decided to try making my story viral first, which could eventually arise the interest to the book. Each Monday, my routine started at 6:30 in the morning. Sipping my first cup of coffee, I immersed into the depth of the internet web, searching for articles related to the topic of my own book in magazines, radio and TV show archives.

I was looking for names of journalists who were covering the niche of true human stories, human rights violations and human trafficking cases. I believed they could potentially help me spread the word about my story and book without demanding a payment for it.

What could be better for a book sale if not the mentioning of its title in national tabloids? A truly noteworthy story has a bigger chance to grow into a bestseller later. The only thing needed in order to make it a reality was the right powerful receiver, who had the ability to deliver the story upon the world.

I had been optimistically shoveling through the info online, searching for names that would meet my needs – journalists, reporters, magazine editors.

Discovering names was not too difficult but locating contact information behind those names was a true challenge. To find real gems online, I had to dismiss tons of outdated junk information. Like a greedy old-time gold miner, I washed down the unwanted waste to reveal the long-awaited treasure deposit.

Spending at least nine hours every Monday, I happened to uncover useful data, sometimes by sheer luck. As soon as I found new contact information, I composed a personal letter for that particular person and emailed the new contact immediately. If the email didn’t come back as undelivered or nonexistent within a couple of hours, I kept the contact in my file. Otherwise, I crossed it off my list as a waste.

The more I searched for contacts, the longer my list grew. To track my “cold email” distribution and keep my contacts organized I used the spreadsheet application – Microsoft Excel. It was the second useful tool at my disposal, after the Internet. I had owned the software in my computer for years without any usage and it finally came in very handy.

It’s an amazing instrument that is discussed more comprehensively in Chapter 11 of my book-guide From Zero to Self-published Hero. The guide is FREE with the purchase of any book publishing/ book marketing package. Check them out here.

If you write books, I thought you might find this information interesting and useful.

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Thank you for your time and stay awesome!

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