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Expectations vs Reality?

When I was in the process of writing the book, I hoped that expressing my experiences on paper would be my healing therapy. I looked at that as a kind of cure, even though I had to go through pain while recalling my memories and putting them into words.

It was only after publishing that I realized I was wrong: the feedback I was receiving from people was my true healing therapy...

My Facebook’s wall had never been that busy before – full of beautiful comments, thoughtful shares and friend requests. A wave of tremendous support rushed over me.

The author in me was satisfied by receiving many compliments on the book writing style, which created a brand new, breathtaking feeling of fulfillment. Besides the sense of emotional pleasure, the book brought some monetary benefits: the e-book raised a couple hundred dollars in sales.

In December of 2017, I decided to release the paperback version, so it could be available not only as an electronic copy, but as a tangible one as well; an actual paper book which I can touch and feel, and eventually sign.

Around Christmas time, when the air was saturated with magical spells of the upcoming holiday, I organized a book signing event. My first ever book signing! It sounded like a dream come true.

It was such an extraordinary and wonderful event that brought my close friends, who came to support me – along with a group of great new people – to the event and into my life. I was blown away as much as I was very proud and pleased with the outcome of the event. I could definitely call it a success.

A few weeks passed before the excitement around my story and book among my friends and acquaintances started dwindling down. The wave of sales after the publication that I initially observed had noticeably subsided.

The moment of realization that my dream path wasn’t moving in the intended direction came very soon. Naively thinking, I believed that once I published my book and put it on the market, there would always be someone who wished to read it. I was definitely wrong.

A few weeks after self-publishing, I found myself tumbling down from the fairyland back to earth, where I hurt my own sweet self on the sharp stones of reality. Heartbroken, I had been observing my book slowly die without the recognition of readers...

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