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Does Everything in Life Happen for a Reason?

Speaking about meaningful encounters…

Do you remember the conversation we started in the previous blog post? Yes, I think it’s pretty amazing how a chain of brief meetings that I did not take seriously at the moment led to a major change in life.

Many years ago, I used to be a photographer – well… a very amateur photographer – I had just started then, actually. Luckily, the stars aligned in my favor and I was invited to shoot a cage fight event, due to the unexpected illness of the pre-planned photographer. It was a last-minute offer and I took that opportunity with an utmost thrill and happily shaking hands. The organizer’s name was Allison. Thank you, Allison Chaney, for walking into my life and leaving a remarkable print on it!

(Me, hanging on the ladder shooting the cage fight)

During the shooting event, I very briefly – just for a few moments – met a man who came down to look at the fights from a nearby hotel. He came from California to shoot a documentary film about the Cincinnati jail. As I was snapping photos at the cage, we talked for a while and connected on social media a few months later. We stayed in touch, but I barely saw anything from him due to his inactivity on Facebook. I had no chance to observe his career as a documentary film producer.

And at that moment when I completely convinced myself that reaching someone from the television or production industry was a pipe dream, all of a sudden, that guy’s post about his new documentary film was brought up on my Facebook wall. Luckily, it turned out that I indeed knew someone who was connected to the television business, thanks to social media!

His name was Richard Velazquez. I took a liberty and emailed him my synopsis, asking for his professional and friendly advice regarding the steps I should take with my story. He puzzled me with his brilliant response. He said I needed to write a book first…

A book??? How peculiar. I had been probing the quill my whole life – here and there – some poems, some prose, but nothing major. The challenge of writing something so big that it could be called a book – this seemed super exciting. I scratched my head… This project appeared unreal, like a phantasm or an ephemeral dream. Even thinking about it made me so moved, thrilled and somewhat scared. My pumping adrenaline quickly convinced me to go for it.

The chain of events has begun, and I’ll tell you about a few magical coincidences in my next blog post.

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See you next time!

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