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Do Your Dreams Seem Out of Reach?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In my journey, perseverance determined my own situation. I was deeply motivated because I clearly understood that no one would do it for me. In the whole chain, I was the only link that held all the structures and connections between my book and the world. I was the single most important link.

I was the one who was making the choice: to accomplish the job or blow it and let the book sink into oblivion.

How fine is the line between seemingly unrealistic dreams, which often storm through a person’s mind but are given up as unfeasible, and the written version of them – broken into steps and visualized as a plan of action, although it may seem unachievable at first glance?

A mass of chaotic dreams that is fragmented into tiny stages are easy to control and easy to attain. Their step-by-step slow fulfillment serves as the impetus for moving forward, even though sometimes it feels like climbing a shear wall.

Dreams that aren’t supported by a plan of realization are not achievable at all.

Every Monday, I stuck to the plan that I penciled for myself. I felt like an artist working on the canvas of my own life. Just like a painter, who prepared to paint a complicated landscape, I first created a sketch to visualize my entire goal, and then I just meticulously and patiently filled it with small brush strokes and rich colors, hoping to see the accomplished masterpiece one day.

My steps were similar from week to week: I was searching for new contacts, then sending personal emails to my previously found ones and to the new ones as well. Over and over again, each Monday signified hundreds of emails. I was trying to reach people on my list, which was growing with each week.

In some instances, I received zero responses. I was unsatisfied. My human nature was thirsty for a single stimulus, for something that would show me a sign that all I was doing was not in vain.

How often people – if unable to implement ideas in a short period of time or spend too much time on their realization – give up and doubt the rightness of their dream. If we can’t satisfy our inner hunger reciprocally, after a while, we despair. We stop believing and decide to discontinue the chase after our dreams…

To be continued.

Come back next week!

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