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Do You Allow Your Intuition Guide You?

Back then, the decision to write a book seemed incredible and even surreal. Little did I know that it would have a significant impact on my entire life.

So, believe it or not, I started writing my very first book! Excited to the core I outlined my future narration and began drafting it in Russian – my native language. I planned to translate it into English and make both versions available for readers. I thought I needed to find a local writer who would be able to help me to get the English version together. I had no idea how or where to find a good author. I visited bookstores in my area searching for “Local Authors” shelves.

It took hours and days checking their work and waiting for my intuition’s approval. I spent many weeks before I found very few names of local authors that seemed appealing through their writing styles. A few emails later I finally got to meet some of them and talk. I interviewed authors, but no one seemed to be a good match for me. I was waiting for a click, for a sign that my inner voice would throw to me. I interviewed three different established and local writers but did not feel a thing towards them. No emotional connection whatsoever.

Now, my wonderful reader, get ready for another proof of the power of meaningful encounters experienced by us through the walk of life. Rather so, my whole path is an endless proof of the fact that God sends us people who can truly make our life better, or those who can teach us a valuable lesson. No one is a waste.

Back in 2012, I was referred as a photographer to do a photoshoot for one wonderful Russian lady, who came to Cincinnati from Maine. My mom’s friend, Karina Ross, brought Tanya Bickford into my life and we had the most exciting Russian-themed photo session ever, accompanied by tons of costume changes, laughs and giggles.

There are two pictures - out of tons - that I took during

that remarkable and fun photoshoot in 2012

A few years later, when I was desperately trying to find a writer to work with on my book, I recollected the fact that Tanya’s husband, Brian, was a published business book writer. I thought I could ask him for advice. I emailed the Bickfords and asked for authors’ referrals.

Brian kindly provided me with three names of authors he was familiar with. Impatiently, I started checking samples of their work on Amazon. The first two writers seemed decently suitable, but my full attention was caught by the last name on the list. It took me a few sentences of a given work sample to process when I knew for sure – he was the one. Because my inner voice told me so. I agreed.

I emailed him a synopsis. Our initial conversation showed a connection at a first sight. He was super smart, extremely weird, and with an exceptional sense of humor. Just what the doctor ordered. Like myself, he was also a Virgo, that Patrick Quinlan. We signed a contract a few weeks later.

Patrick and I virtually shook hands and started working together on a project called Girl, Taken. I translated my Russian version into English and sent the material to Patrick, so he could then rebuild my not-so-perfect English text into a grammatically appropriate one. We discussed the progress and details over the phone every Wednesday. We added, we cut, we deleted, we edited…

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By the way, did you know, that if you have a great idea for a book, yet lack talent or time, you still have a chance to call yourself a writer one day? You have the option of hiring a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is someone who can author a book for you but will not be credited for it. Working with a ghostwriter requires delivering your story verbally, during interviews. They will write the book, but you will publish the work as your own. Ghostwriting is expensive. Expect to pay something from $10,000 to $20,000 for a project.

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