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Are You Courageous Enough to Turn Your Life Story into a Book?

I always believed it was a pipe dream. Until the day when I saw my very first and my very self-published book on the top of charts on Amazon.

And I thought to myself: yes, I did it. (Of course, overwhelmed with feelings, I thought about it pretty loudly in my head, with about a thousand of exclamation marks.) Everything is possible when you really desire to achieve it. You just need to make that very first step.

I’m sharing my success story hoping to inspire you and give you some practical knowledge as well. Sign up to my website to get notified about a new blog post or book release. (By the way, check my older blog posts)

But first things first. If you are reading my blog, I guess that just like me, you’re either a self-published author or a reader who enjoys true stories. Chances are, you also have an unusual life story and looking forward to turning it into a book. After all, we all have stories…

Are you courageous enough to turn your life into a breathtaking, thrilling, the most stirring and exciting roller-coaster ride?


Never done it before? Try it. It’s an amazing thing.

Let me share what writing is.

Writing is just pure magic. To me writing is a passion, it’s a fascinating method of art creation, a process of making something tangible out of nothing at all.

Every project is never the same. Writing my first book was like a volcano, bursting with endless lava. It only took me 3 months to write a book in my native language.

With my second book that I wrote in English - I experienced every possible obstacle including writer’s block, frustrations of all kinds and anxieties. It took me 15 months to complete the project.

Writing is a miracle. There are thousands and thousands of magicians (a.k.a. writers) out there. All of them are different: in the way they express themselves in their work, in the genres and styles they choose to create in, in the way they adopt divergent approaches and many other factors.

Nevertheless, regardless of dissimilarities, writers appear very alike: in the amount of swirling chaos in the essences of their brains, in the tremendous efforts they instill in their work, in the amount of sleepless nights they endure while working on their writing projects.

We should be different: all creating on different levels of artistic craziness. What we give birth to is what we also believe and have faith in. We all love our work like we love our kids. We are proud of it, because without any doubt, it is unique and original: something no one else has created before. I want to believe that each and every one of us finds the niche to fit the work. I want to believe that we will find our thankful audience.

If you still don’t believe in your own ability to turn your life story into a bestseller, then I may be able to help you gain confidence to accomplish that. I’m ready to share resources and knowledge. Contact me and I will help you.

In the meantime, you can check out my award-winning book “Girl, Taken – A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival” on Amazon, if you like reading true stories. I’d be extremely grateful if you can share my blog posts on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Don't forget to check my older blog posts

As always, thank you for your time, and stay awesome!

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