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Are We Open to Learning from Others?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I secretly hope that you missed me so much that you have re-read all my previous blogs and all my published books. Now you are absolutely inspired by my story and ready to write your own #bestseller.

All the following posts, starting next week, will be dedicated to practical advice on book #writing, #publishing, and book #promoting on a zero budget. Like, classes. So, get your backpack ready!

I want to share with you everything I learned.

Since that very first time, when I decided to plunge into the world of writing and #publishing #books, I have constantly learned from those who knew how to do it better than me. Consider the fact that I didn't know anything at all. Only by learning from the experience of other people and their knowledge could I achieve my own #success. It's like erecting a tall and solid building: brick by brick - where the firm base is the best practices of other successful writers, and the blocks are my new ideas and personal observations bonded to each other.

Over the past four years, I’ve been studied different writing guides and articles about book #publishing and #publicity. I had been gathering precious pieces of treasured data from different sources on the Internet as well. Meticulously collecting important info, I separated it from the massive amounts of junk and outdated garbage. Saving only the best methods kindly shared by other successful writers and publishers, adding my own suggestions, creative ideas, and recommendations, I put it all together into the #system – The System of Actions. The full #SystemOfActions is described on the pages of my book “From Zero to Self-published Hero”, in case you are interested to download it.

I have to mention that once I started implementing my #system of actions, I saw the results almost immediately and it felt incredible.

From my previous blog posts, you already know how following my #system brought my book to the top of the #selling charts on Amazon. I simply #pitched the media, and it helped my book achieve successful results. Well… it is simple… if you know the system. By the way, a #media #pitch is an email attempting to get a journalist, editor or media outlet interested in your story or a book.

I promoted my book and story to magazine’s editors and radio show #producers pursuing two interconnected goals: to attract media attention to my book and raise #sales in the online bookstores. My system worked!

The more they talked about my book, the more book sales I observed.

WVXU Radio interviewed me on March 29th, 2018. WCPO Channel 9 Cincinnati filmed a fragment about my story for the TV news program. My #cold emailing helped a few women’s #magazines notice my story in the US and UK and cover it in their #publications. It’s all because I took particular steps and followed my #system.

I was interviewed by big name #radio stations, like Auticulture, iHeart Radio, Radio America and one of the biggest radio stations on earth – BBC, twice. Other publications, such as Cincinnati Inquirer and Mirror UK, covered my story and #featured my book as well. The highlight of the year 2018 was an invitation to participate on a TV talk show in England.

On the remarkable day of February 7th, 2018, I appeared on the cover of the crime magazine with my book featured in the article. Being on the cover next to cold-blooded murderer, Ted Bundy, stirred some controversial feelings inside of me, but I could not be happier to see six pages of that exquisite and most popular paperback UK crime magazine taken up by my story and book.

Mentions in the #press and #media were directly proportional to the book #sales on Amazon.

It’s been an incredible journey so far that I don’t want to end.

It is quite a job to find the right #outlet – the one who will take you further. Keep moving forward, keep reaching the right people. It may take months for them to open that one single email out of the hundreds you already sent. Rest assured, it will not happen overnight for a #journalist or a #producer to find you, or for your story to be noticed by a magazine editor or production company. I insisted and helped them discover myself.

You can too.

I will present my #System of Actions, step by step, in my next blog posts.

You will find concrete ways how to #promote a book immediately after its #publication.

You will also see the scenarios of how to promote a book when it wasn’t even completely written yet. There are many options that can be utilized to #promote a book that hasn’t even been published yet. At the same time, using those options can create an excellent ground for a book’s sale once it is published.

If I only knew then the things that I know now, the process of #promoting my book and story would’ve been much quicker and enhanced. It means that certain goals could have been achieved a few times faster. I would have more time in my life that I could spend on #traveling and #writing new books.

Unluckily for me, I had to spend extensive time collecting key informational pieces gradually, all by myself, sweeping aside all unnecessary material and screening out the slag. Luckily, you don’t need to do the same! I did it for you.

If you want to learn my whole #system right away and implement it to have your own bestseller faster, check out this book. You can get it ABSOLUTELY FREE! Click here to get THIS GUIDE at no charge:

If you are looking for a complete guide with precise step-by-step instructions on how to find a literary agent or how to be a self-published author with a successfully promoted book on a minimum budget, then this book IS FOR YOU.

So, if you enjoy reading the stories of other people and also adopting their successful approaches, then this book is DEFINITELY for you.

If you are looking for FREE and EFFECTIVE ways of turning your idea into a book, your book into a bestseller, and seeing yourself in magazines and on TV, then this book IS FOR YOU.

Come back next time to start learning my #System of Actions. I would suggest signing up to receive notifications about new blog posts.

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Stay tuned and be awesome.

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