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About Author Elena Nikitina

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hello awesome people! My name is Lena. I'm truly thrilled you are here!

I’m an award-winning author of the bestselling book Girl, Taken - A True Story of Abduction, Captivity, and Survival. On this blog, I share my thoughts, ideas and more.

A few words about myself: I immigrated from Russia in my 20’s, chasing that fabled “American Dream” even though I had little idea about what the “American dream” was.

I’ve been living in the USA for the last 20 years and I finally figured out that the American dream does not have a certain definition and it varies from person to person.

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, living my life, experiencing things and then describing them in a compelling way so it would be worth sharing with the world.

My dream came true! I have written and published three books so far. My first book - Girl, Taken - is my personal true story. I am a survivor of kidnapping and war, and I was able to write about my experiences and publish my work.

The Girl, Taken book has drawn accolades from readers and an independent panel of judges: my readers bathed me in incredible support, and literary judges praised me with the most significant award in my entire life.

The media also covered my book here in the USA and in England. You could see it featured on a TV show,

in magazines, on the news, on multiple radio stations including big names such as BBC, Radio America, iHeart Radio and many others.

You may ask how exactly I achieved all this media attention while being a self-published, brand new author ­– lacking connections and budget. I think this topic is pretty intriguing and deserves to blog about. Especially because I just wrote a whole book about it.

On this blog I will spend a lot of time talking about writing and the subtleties of self-publishing. I will share my experiences from fiascoes to triumphs. If you happen to be an author or always wanted to be one, you will definitely find this blog useful. If you don't have experience in writing at all, you will learn behind-the-scenes steps of the book writing process and perhaps will even be inspired enough to turn your own life story into a book.

For now, that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for your time. Come back later and


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