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15 Steps to Writing a Successful Book. Write more. Write better.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” Stephen King

15 Steps to #writing a #successful book or The System of Actions.

I created this system to #promote my #self-published book GIRL, TAKEN – A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival.

After I started implementing the System of Actions, my book became a #bestseller. The book was talked about on TV, on pages of magazines, and discussed on radio shows. I want to share with you everything that worked for me.

Today we discuss #step 2: Write. Write more. Write better. (Check the previous blog post to learn about Step 1)

As we know, all great triumphs once started as brilliant #ideas and great books started with compelling stories. What makes a #bestseller if not a captivating story? You got the story, right?

Step 2 is pretty simple and straightforward. Write and write some more. It will be the lengthiest step and the most challenging one for some, but it has to be the most exciting and fulfilling, nonetheless.

Like a true creator and master of fate, you can start the creative writing process by building a foundation – the plot skeleton for your book:

•Write down your idea

•Draft a short synopsis

•Stretch it into a one-page outline

Mature your idea further with each step, shaping the skeleton into a beautiful creature:

•Develop your characters: biographies, qualities, #motivations

•List chapters and divide them into sections

•Progress each section, concentrating on the key idea

•Add finer details

•Do the research

Remember that details are important for creating #credibility of your story. Study the subject that you are writing about, especially if it is something that you are not completely sure of. Educate yourself and learn the essence of the details you would like to incorporate into your story.

•Write the first draft


The faster and more consistently you work on your book, the more solid and wholesome your #manuscript will come out. If the writing stage lasts for many months – or even years – you may lose interest in the topic you’re describing, or your points of view could change over the course of time, and then you will have to re-write the book from the very beginning or discard it as unfinished.

•Take writing seriously as if it were your job

•Write every day

There is nothing better than observing your daily progress and movement towards your dream. You know the reasons why you started writing in the first place – remind yourself of them every day.

•Write in your own distinctive, fun and enjoyable way

The most satisfying thing is reading a freshly created figure of speech or skillfully selected #metaphor, produced by a #writer.

•Write in a way that will make you proud of each paragraph in your book

•Don’t let everyday insignificant things invade the process of #creativity

•Find your perfect writing space

I personally prefer to remain undistracted and totally detached from the whole world while I’m writing. My usual suitable place for working would be anywhere that is secured by tightly closed blinds and filled with mysterious darkness, but not always.

•Write on the go

Since art has no rules and my mind is fully aware of it, from time to time, my thoughts jump like frisky horses and the Muse catches up to me while I’m driving or walking in the park. If I don’t write my ideas down right away, I lose them forever. I have an application on my iPhone which I use to speak my thoughts out loud and have them electronically written. Later, I just copy and paste the text into a document on my computer.

•Set up a time in your #schedule for everyday #writing

The Muse is not always around. Do not wait for it to descend from above and magically #inspire you to write. Take your book writing seriously, as it is the job you have to do. Otherwise, you will never finish your project.

•Determine how many pages you would like to produce every day and set up a goal

If you find yourself to be stressed out at the end of the day due to unfulfilled #goals, choose a lesser number of #pages that you intend to achieve for the day. As little as a page a day will take you far forward in a few months if you are truly #consistent.

Remember that an average #page consists of 250-300 words. A 200-page #novel would be around 55,000 – 60,000 words. 40,000 – 60,000 words would make a full-sized novel.

•Edit your writing at the end of the day

I prefer to surrender to the impulse and write while I feel the rush, without immediately #editing. I like to keep the flow and be on the wave without interrupting by correcting right away. I reread and #edit my #text at the end of the day, as well as the next day right before I start working on the next pages.


Did you know, that if you have a great #idea for a book, yet lack #talent or time, you still have a chance to call yourself a writer one day? You have the option of hiring a #ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is someone who can #author a book for you but will not be credited for it. Working with a ghostwriter requires delivering your story verbally, during interviews. They will write the book, but you will #publish the work as your own. #Ghostwriting is expensive. Expect to pay something from $10,000 to $20,000 for a project.

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Next blog post: Plan the book’s future as you are still working on it

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