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"Hi there! If you landed on this page, I can guess that just like myself, you are a self-published author, and either you are looking for a guide on how to write a book or searching for ways to promote it into a bestseller. In both cases, you would like to do it without spending any money. It's only fair! We write books to earn money, not to spend tons of it on advertising. Right?

So, my story short: 

I wrote a book, "Girl, Taken",
and self-published it.   
I got my own bestseller
on Amazon. 
I created my own system and used it. 
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I offer the ULTIMATE self-help guide ABSOLUTELY FREE

with every publishing package listed here. The basic package starts at $25.

This guide From Zero to Self-published Hero answers all the questions writers can face: 

  • Traditional Publishing or Self-publishing?

  • How to find an editor or a literary agent

  • How to write a pitch letter and find a representation for your work

  • How to self-publish on Amazon and Smashwords for worldwide distributing

  • How to prepare your manuscript for publishing

  • How to format a manuscript for publishing

  • How to upload a manuscript

  • How to write a copyright page

  • How to create and upload a book cover

  • How to set up author’s accounts

  • How to obtain ISBN

  • How to write a description for your book on Amazon

  • How to pick the right categories on Amazon

  • How to select keywords

  • How to set up the price for your book

  • How to market your book before you release it to the public

  • How to use social media to market your book

  • How to run targeted advertising on Facebook

  • How to write a press release and where to send it

  • How to get book reviews

  • How to contact your local newspapers and magazines

  • How to add editorial reviews on Amazon

  • How to pitch your book to journalists, reporters, to a radio, TV shows or film producers

  • How to promote your book on social media 

Girl, Taken by Elena Nikitina is the best-selling book in a true crime books category and a literary award winner.

Check out the bestselling author store and her blog where she shares tips for writers and discusses book marketing tips.


"A few years ago, I was in the same place where you might be right now – excited about possible opportunities and scared of potential failures. I went through all the obstacles a new writer can only imagine. An immigrant with English as a second language, lacking connections, budget and experience, the only thing I had was passion for writing and endless willingness to be a published author. I will share with you all the steps I have taken that led me to the list of best-selling authors on Amazon. Together with Belka Books Press we’ll help you to become a successful author on each step on the way."

- Elena Nikitina, award-winning and self-published author of best-selling book Girl, Taken – A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival / Belka Books Press founder

  In my guide From ZERO to self-published HERO I'll share how I wrote, self-published and had my book featured on TV, radio and in magazines.  The more they talked about my book in media,  the more readers I had, the more popular my book became.

Read my simple guide, implement easy steps, use templates and a contact list - all included with the purchase. You can promote your own book too!
Have your own book spotlighted in media and see your book on the top of selling charts on Amazon! GOOD LUCK!!!

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