Hi there! If you landed on my site, I can guess that just like myself, you are either a self-published author or have an unusual life story. You are either looking for a guide how to write a book, or searching for the ways to promote it into a bestseller. In both cases you would like to do it without spending any money. It's only fair! We write books to earn money, not to spend tons of it for producing or advertising. Right? 
So, my story short: 
I wrote a book, "Girl, Taken",
and self-published it.   
I got my own bestseller
on Amazon. 
I created my own system and used it. 
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  In my guide From ZERO to self-published HERO I'll share how I wrote, self-published and had my book featured on TV, radio and in magazines.  The more they talked about my book in media,  the more readers I had, the more popular my book became.

Read my simple guide, implement easy steps, use templates and a contact list - all included with the purchase.

You can promote your own book too!


Have your own book spotlighted in media and see your book on the top of selling charts on Amazon! 



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