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Meet our Star Author
Charlotte Gosling 


Charlotte Gosling  is an actor and writer from South London. She studied Musical Theatre at The BRIT School, and then went on to study acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Recently she has self-published her first poetry book ‘Not Set In Stone’ on Amazon. This year Charlotte has created a poetry community called ‘Haven Poets’, where she hosts workshops and share works from other writers.




Not Set In Stone, is a collection of poetry written by Charlotte Gosling. It is sectioned into three chapters, Fixed, Flow and Free. She explores themes such as mental health, relationships, femininity and race, often challenging the reader by her lack of censorship. All the poems are a response to Charlotte's personal experiences and also from the world we all share. She dreams of uniting us all through her words and making us realise we are not set in stone.

Charlotte found comfort in writing growing up, it allowed her to channel her emotions and build her confidence has an individual. She hopes to pass on her creative writing abilities to young people, so they can also experience the benefits of creative writing. Furthermore she wants to educate the youth on creative career paths, from her own experience in the industry. Being an artist is a real career, not just a hobby. 


Charlotte has written and published one book so far ‘Not Set in Stone’, in September 2020. However she is working on her second book already, which she will publish in 2022. 

Belka Books Press: 

- Charlotte, what do you think makes a good story?


- A good story, is when a writer is being open, honest and vulnerable, in their creativity. People want to read books that are relatable, they need to feel they're not the only ones. This sense of familiarity draws readers close to a piece of writing. 


Belka Books Press:

- Tell us 5 things you'd like your readers to know about you 



- Five facts about me:

1. I wanted to be a forensic scientist when I was younger 

2. I can't ride a bike 

3. I write songs

4. I'm left handed 

5. I have a phobia of slugs and snails





You can contact Charlotte via: 


Instagram: @lilmissgosling @havenpoets 

Facebook Group: havenpoets 

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