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Elena Nikitina

Girl, Taken - A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival

Gold Literary Award Winner in the Memoir category at 2019 Global Ebook Awards

"Gripping story." -Radio America

"...terrifying ordeal... Elena used to think of herself as a victim. Now, she calls herself a survivor."-Enquirer 

"An unimaginably horrific ordeal." -Mirror 

"Story of survival is inspiring others and raising awareness." -WCPO Cincinnati

"One woman's shocking true story of abduction, war and survival." - Brian Whitney, author of SUBVERSIVE                                                                             

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“The fear settled inside me... It was excruciating... It was rapidly destroying me.” Imagine you are walking home alone one evening. Suddenly, you are assaulted, drugged and kidnapped. Strange men drive you through the night and keep you prisoner in a dark, tiny room. You don’t know who they are. You don’t know what they want. They speak a language you don’t even understand.  This happened to me.When I was 21, I was abducted off the streets of my hometown in southern Russia by a group of criminals. My abductors kept me prisoner in a tiny room at first, then later in a dirt cellar under a house. I was utterly alone – no friends, no family, nothing... Every day, I had to knock on the door to my room, so that a blank-eyed gunman with an AK-47 would let me out and walk me to the bathroom under his supervision.
Soon, I learned that the men were holding me for ransom. But a few weeks after my kidnapping, a brutal civil war broke out, and all contacts were cut off. The country plunged into darkness. There was no electricity, and no telephone service. There could be no negotiations for my release. I was one lost soul, powerless, and at the mercy of hardened killers in a land where innocent people were dying every day.I saw decapitated young soldiers, their heads decorating the trees like Christmas bulbs. I saw bloodstained city streets, the bombed out wrecks of tanks and jeeps still burning. I saw things I have trouble thinking about.  
Through eight horrifying months of captivity – witnessing atrocities, surviving bombings and sexual violence – I fought desperately to stay alive, stay sane and to not lose the one thing that kept me going: hope. 

Other Books by Elena Nikitina

What Did Not Kill Me, Made Me

Book by Elena Nikitina Mockup.png

What Did Not Kill Me, Made Me: Girl, Taken 27 Years Later: a Short Story of a Long Transformation


It's the second book in a trilogy. Girl, Taken is the first.

For those who seek hope. From the award-winning author of the best-selling book Girl, Taken, kidnapping, war and PTSD survivor: “When it seems that your life problems have reached their climax, when you think that you have no strength left to fight your own demons, when difficulties squeeze your throat so tight that you can’t even breathe – I know exactly how it feels. I’ve been there. That’s why I share my story – perhaps, you will find something in it —a little inspiration or a surge of strength to fight the calamities of life.” 

From ZERO to Self-published HERO

"From Zero to Self-Published Hero, by Elena Nikitina, is a practical, useful and compelling read... such advice is like water to someone stranded in a desert.." -Réal Laplaine

Zero Hero Mockup.png

From the award-winning and best-selling author of Girl, Taken: learn how I placed my book to be featured on TV,  radio and in magazines. Click for evidence. Read the book and use templates and contact list - all included with the purchase - to get your own book spotlighted in the  media.

I have a story to share, but how can I turn my story into a best-selling book?

Where do I even start when it comes to publishing and promoting my book?

What should I do if I have no experience and no marketing budget?

If these questions sound familiar, then this book is for you. You will find the answers by following the empowering journey of one self-published author and a complete step-by-step guide all included in this book. Check out Elena's blog where she shares tips for writers and discusses book marketing tips

A true story of three pigs Ebook Cover.jpg

"A True Story Of The Three Little Pigs" is a FULLY ILLUSTRATED BOOK based on Western folklore.

Young readers will learn the new (KIND) interpretation of the well-known fairy tale about three little pigs opposing a hungry and angry wolf. Three pig brothers live carefree in the forest, playing and enjoying the fun. With the advent of cold weather, they must take care of housing. It turns out that not only piglets live in the forest, but also an evil wolf. In addition to worries about construction, they will face other trials.

How will this new story about the three little pigs end?

GIRL, TAKEN in Russian Language:

Неволя - невымышленная история о похищении, неволе и спасении 

Nevolya Book cover.jpg

"Очень впечатлила книга! История настолько захватывает, что не возможно оторваться от чтения до последней страницы. Спасибо автору за книгу!" - Prigarin

"По воле случая мне довелось познакомиться с данной историей.Не особо вникая в краткое описание,я приступил к чтению.Первые страницы честно дались немного с трудом из за стиля написания,но чем дальше читаешь,тем сильнее затягивает атмосфера происходящего. Потратьте свое время,и больше чем уверен,вы не пожалеете!!!Спасибо автору за волю и силы поделиться пережитым!" - Smashwords user

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«Всепоглощающий животный страх стал моей неотъемлемой частью...  Это было мучительно и невыносимо...  Он доводил меня до изнеможения.  Разрушал.  Уничтожал».

Представьте, что однажды вечером вы возвращаетесь домой.  Вдруг на вас нападают, накачивают наркотиками и похищают.  Странные люди вывозят вас на территорию другой страны, где держат в плену в темной крошечной комнате.  Вы не знаете кто они такие и чего хотят.  Они говорят на языке, который вы не понимаете.  Вы уверены лишь в одном – ваша жизнь больше никогда не будет прежней…

Это случилось со мной.

Три недели после того, как мне исполнился 21 год, я была похищена с улицы моего родного города на юге России.  Похитители увезли меня за пределы страны и сначала держали в крошечной комнате, а потом в погребе под домом.  Вскоре я узнала, что за меня требуют выкуп. 

Через несколько недель после моего похищения началась жестокая гражданская война и все контакты были прерваны.  Страна погрузилась во тьму.  Не было электричества и телефонной связи.  О каких-либо переговорах о моём освобождении не могло быть и речи.   Я –  потерянная и отчаявшаяся душа – пребывала во власти закоренелых убийц в стране, где сотни невинных людей умирали каждый день.

Я видела шокирующие вещи, о которых мне трудно даже думать: головы обезглавленных молодых солдат, украшавшие деревья, как рождественские гирлянды.  Покрытые кровавым ковром городские улицы с обломками разбомбленных танков.   Я видела как дрожала и слышала как стонала земля под апокалиптическим дождём из огня. 

В течение восьми ужасных месяцев плена – свидетельница человеческих злодеяний и военной бомбёжки – я отчаянно боролась за то, чтобы остаться в живых, в здравом уме и не потерять то, что меня поддерживало всё это время: надежду.

«Эта книга удивит и вдохновит вас.  Шокирующая история одной женщины о похищении, войне и выживании». – Брайан Уитни, автор SUBVERSIVE

The Silver Island Book Cover.jpg

The Silver Island is the first in a series of fantasy tales for adults with not necessarily happily ever after: about passionate love on an island that does not exist.

Love. Anyone who has ever loved knows that love kills. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes in pleasure, but more often in the agony of unbearable pain. The victim of love loses the ability to think rationally. Trying to predictyour own death is pointless.

 About Elena Nikitina

''Becoming a victim is not a choice, becoming a survivor is.''

author elena nikitina

Elena Nikitina was born in the city of Astrakhan, Russia, during the time of the Soviet Union.  In 1994, she was abducted by a Chechen gang and taken to Grozny, the capital city of Chechnya.  She survived the First Russian-Chechen War, eventually escaping an abandoned mountain village and walking into the middle of a Russian army encampment.  She immigrated to the USA, received political asylum and became a citizen in January of 2019.  She writes books and works as a real estate agent in Ohio, where she lives with her teenage daughter.  Elena has written a memoir GIRL, TAKEN – A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival about her experiences and her book wins Gold literary award in 2019 at Global eBook Award competition. Elena’s story was the lead radio documentary on the BBC World Service.  Elena’s book recognized in the local news, on BBC worldwide and a talk show in London, UK.

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